Semi permanent fix!

Thanks to a tip from Dinah, someone who follows the blog, we were able to come up with a fix for the loose stones that we feared were about to fall. It took a little bit to get to the spot but we feel it is very well worth it. For those who don’t think it will hold up… we used the good duct tape. With the help of Bertha to lift Frank up to the roof and a 22 foot ladder, we were able to reach it and remedy the situation.

Happy New Year everyone! We don’t plan on putting out another blog post until next year. See you then!

Goody basket!

We have some of the most amazing people that are following our journey! When we pulled up to the Mooreland House yesterday we found a nice little basket filled with treats! What a tremendous gesture to have someone go out of their way and do that for us. We are not sure if it was a coincidence or not but it was the day after we got the bad news about the tower. Thank you Ange and your daughter!

Tower inspection

Since we weren’t that excited about what we found on the Mooreland House yesterday, we thought we would do a thorough inspection with the drone today. Instead of trying to answer a bunch of questions in messages, Frank figured he would share the unedited video and do a voice over. The tower is in pretty bad shape but it is fixable. We will have to take down a bunch of stone but we think it will make it through the winter as is. We hope…


Little bit of a psychological setback today. We went up to take down some stones that were about to fall and… thought better of it. Once again, we find ourselves in a spot where we don’t want to move any stones because there is no certainty that they are not supporting others. We are going to spend some time contemplating our next move but the tower is in worse shape than we wanted it to be. We aren’t necessarily surprised… just a little set back. We are putting up a few pictures. The red circles are where the stack of rocks are.

Merry Christmas!

We would like to wish everyone a very merry Christmas from the Mooreland House! We have been truly blessed by your presence on this website and the people that watch our YouTube videos. We hope to share many more Christmas seasons with all of you. We are happy to report that Miss Mooreland is sharing her first dry-ish holiday in about 15 years.

Patch work!

We finally got a small weather window above 50 degrees! We jumped on the opportunity to patch the rubber roofing over the south portico. You know the hole has been in the roof a long time when it has grass growing in it. Our patch job isn’t perfect but it should keep most of the rain out of the porch below this walk out area.