Busted Rod

We were correct in getting this dormer facade down. One of the rods that we assumed was helping keep the wall secure was rusted in two inside the wall. It wouldn’t have been a help at all. We got down to the last couple of large stones. We were amazed once again at the sheer amount of tar that was used on this poor house.

Balancing Act

We didn’t notice until we were taking the dormer stones down but there are some that have to be perfectly balanced. Because of the missing mortar they were out of balance and had to be strapped together before we could get the carved triangle stone down. We also got a picture of the one remaining bloom on the magnolia tree.

Finishing Option Three

With the roof repairs done in this video, we completed option three, the Kitchen Porch. This doesn’t completely fix the roof over the kitchen porch but it will stop 95% of the leaks. Kerry got a little drone footage that showed the new underlayment on the back flat roof. The YouTube people don’t know that is done yet but the people that also follow the blog do. We will keep it our little secret. =)

It Moved

We have been measuring the distance between the wood structure and the stones on the south dormer facade for about a year and a half. We did another measurement and it had moved out a quarter of an inch. It doesn’t sound like much but it is too much for a stone wall to move. We are going to stop working on the powder room and get the south dormer down before it falls. Kerry did a great job of wedging Bertha in between the tree and the house. Stones are coming down next, one way or another.

Fixing Option Three

The first part of fixing option three is in the books. We do a lot of explaining about what is going on in the attic above the kitchen. Overall the option three project went off without a hitch. We still have to talk about how we fixed the roof above the porch but the video was long enough for this week. We are running behind on our blog posts. We are still working on the Mooreland House but have had lots of stuff going on. Enjoy the video!